at the Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation

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Lost Time Gained is a collection of 17 functional fused glass clocks. We have all lost time during the pandemic. Time from friends, family, neighbors. For so many, time has been cut off altogether through tragic deaths that occurred too soon in many lives. In living through this pandemic, we have gained time. Time spent with our housemates in lockdown. We have gained an unknown amount of time on this earth. I like clocks because they are interesting and functional. I like creating clocks that do not specifically show you the exact time, but more of a general idea of the time. I encourage you to get lost in the time you have with the people in your life right here, right now, every day. The number of clocks is based on the number of months Michigan has been enduring the pandemic. March 2020 through July 2021.

About Alysa

I began working with fused glass when I was fourteen. Through learning the technical process, I have been able to experiment with the medium, making a variety of products.

A large portion of my work revolves around the concept of functional beauty. I believe that every day people go through life using many products, and I work to make sure those products are both usable and visually attractive.

Check out my Brick Town Glass website to see more of my work!

About Fused Glass

Fused Glass is the process of melting glass together in a glass kiln at 1450*F. Fusing can also include a technique called slumping (1265*F) which entails “softening” the glass over treated ceramic or stainless steel molds.